A Special Lesson from the Padaung Women’s Tribe

Padaung Women's Tribe - Neck Rings

Padaung tribe womenThere is tribe in South East Asia where women wear rings around their neck in order to lengthen it. Young girls start wearing these rings when they are about 5 years old, and as they grow older, increase the amount of rings and coils in order to create a longer stretch in their necks. You may think this is horrible or degrading to women, but it’s simply part of the Padaung tribe’s culture and their idea of beauty.

So what is the lesson here? Simple. That the body is an incredibly moldable machine and can be changed over the course of time — just like a constant drip over a huge rock will split it cleanly in two with the passage of time.

Chances are you weren’t born with bow legs or knock knees. It’s your bad lifestyle habits that have thrown your body out of balance and created deformities in your knees, just like the necks of the Padaung women. Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take those rings off and get back to the natural state your body wants to be in.

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