A little about my own straight legs journey…

Hi there. This is J.B. Martinez. I’m a software engineer in my early 30’s, and like you, I also suffered from “bow legs” almost all my entire adult life.

This condition affected me deeply. Not just physically, but also psychologically.

From my teens to my late-20s, I silently endured all the negative emotional aspects that usually come with having a leg deformity such as bowed legs (or what I thought was bowed legs at that time… but more on that later.)

These are just some of the effects it had during my teens and throughout my mid 20’s:

  • It completely crippled my self-esteem
  • It limited doing activities that I enjoyed doing when I was younger (such as playing soccer and running).
  • It even prevented me from getting involved romantically with anybody I found physically attractive due to feeling inadequate and not “worthy”

So I did what any of us would do: I went online to learn more about this problem in hopes of finding a possible solution. Unfortunately, back in those days there was very little information floating about the web. Knee deformities causes and treatments in adults were pretty much unknown.

Out of the tiny bit of information I was able to find online, it seemed my options came down to the following three:

OPTION 1: Ukraine Clinic

After doing a few Google searches, I stumbled upon a clinic in the Ukraine that performed a scary type of leg correction. The procedure was incredibly invasive and used these giant metal braces that were wrapped around your legs and then drilled into your shin bones with huge bolts.

Not only did this seemed absolutely insane to me, it also would cost $50,000 for both legs (not including physical therapy, medicine, etc.). Not too mention it would also take a trip to the Ukraine, and looking like a cyborg for an average of 6 months.

As desperate as I was, I just knew that drills and wrenches had no room in an operating room so I decided to keep searching…

OPTION 2: High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) surgery

A slightly less invasive procedure as the one above, but still a major surgery that would leave you without the use of your legs for a minimum of 4 months. An HTO surgery consists of basically inserting a wedge in the side of your tibia (shin bone) to re-align your knees.

An HTO procedures costs approximately between $30,000 and $50,000 – and only if you can convince your doctor you actually need the surgery (since it’s a major procedure and only offered in very severe cases where quality of life is greatly compromised).

It simply seemed like too much for me. Not to mention most HTO surgeries left a HUGE scar right along the kneecap. Not exactly a deal-breaker for me since I’m a guy and can wear pants or baggy shorts – but still – I decided to keep looking…

OPTION 3: A surgery-free option?

And then after weeks of searching, I finally found it the answer I was looking for.

Funny enough, it was in the form of a simple response from a bodybuilding forum member who said: “Bowed legs might be related to muscular imbalances.”

After all, muscular imbalances are not really that uncommon inside the bodybuilding industry – especially among beginners.

So with this little golden nugget of information, I decided to dig further into the world of muscular imbalances, posture, and how body mechanics could be playing a part in the shape of my legs.


I now share everything my research uncovered here with you – so that you too realize that surgery-free correction of your legs is possible! There’s only 3 things you need to do:

  • Understand first of all why you developed this problem as an adult (you can’t straighten your legs without first knowing the root cause of the problem and taking preventative measures to stop the activities that are contributing to the misalignment of your legs)
  • Follow a proven blueprint that will help fast-track the correction of your bow legs, knock-knees, or false shin curvature 
  • Be consistent with your workouts and stick with the program (consistency is key to success, like anything else in life)

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to shoot me any comments or questions.

Glad to have you here…

Your friend,