Is the unsightly shape of your legs holding you back from living a happy & fulfilled life?

If you’ve been silently suffering from a lower limb deformity such as bow legs, knock-knees, or false curvature for years thinking there isn’t a solution for this problem… this is for you.

Let me tell you that you are not alone. More and more people today are starting to develop knee deformities due to muscular imbalances caused by our modern lifestyles.

The REALLY bad news: The problem can become more severe if left untreated…

Risks of untreated bow legs, knock-knees, or false curvature

Unfortunately, leaving the problem untreated can start creating even more severe problems than just non-aesthetic legs. As time goes on, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of developing any (or all) of the following:

  • Pain or pressure on the outside or inside of your shins when being active
  • Pain at the knee joint when performing certain movements like jumping or squatting
  • Constant cracking and popping of your knee cap joint
  • Chronic pain and discomfort in your lower back
  • Increased chances of developing knee arthritis
  • Faster wear and tear of knee cartilage
  • Higher risk for undergoing Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery in the future – a major surgery reserved for the elderly

My very own story…


Hi there. My name is J.B. Martinez.

I’m a 31-year-old programmer and like you, I suffered from “bow legs” almost all my adult life.

This condition affected me deeply. Not just physically, but also psychologically.

From my teens to my late-20s, I silently endured all the negative emotional aspects that usually come with having a leg deformity such as bowed legs (or what I thought was bowed legs at that time… but more on that later.)

These are just some of the effects it had during my teens and throughout my mid 20’s:

  • It completely crippled my self-esteem
  • It limited doing activities that I enjoyed doing when I was younger (such as playing soccer and running).
  • It even prevented me from getting involved romantically with anybody I found physically attractive due to feeling inadequate and not “worthy”

Looking everywhere for a solution…

So I did what any of us would do: I went online to learn more about this problem in hopes of finding a possible solution. Unfortunately, back in those days there was very little information floating about the web. Knee deformities causes and treatments in adults were pretty much unknown.

Out of the tiny bit of information I was able to find online, it seemed my options came down to the following three:


OPTION 1: Ukraine Clinic

After doing a few Google searches, I stumbled upon a clinic in the Ukraine that performed a scary type of leg correction. The procedure was incredibly invasive and used these giant metal braces that were wrapped around your legs and then drilled into your shin bones with huge bolts.

Not only did this seemed absolutely insane to me, it also would cost $50,000 for both legs (not including physical therapy, medicine, etc.). Not too mention it would also take a trip to the Ukraine, and looking like a cyborg for an average of 6 months.

As desperate as I was, I just knew that drills and wrenches had no room in an operating room so I decided to keep searching…


OPTION 2: High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) surgery

A slightly less invasive procedure as the one above, but still a major surgery that would leave you without the use of your legs for a minimum of 4 months. An HTO surgery consists of basically inserting a wedge in the side of your tibia (shin bone) to re-align your knees.

An HTO procedures costs approximately between $30,000 and $50,000 – and only if you can convince your doctor you actually need the surgery (since it’s a major procedure and only offered in very severe cases where quality of life is greatly compromised).

It simply seemed like too much for me. Not to mention most HTO surgeries left a HUGE scar right along the kneecap. Not exactly a deal-breaker for me since I’m a guy and can wear pants or baggy shorts – but still – I decided to keep looking…


OPTION 3: A surgery-free option?

And then after weeks of searching, I finally found it the answer I was looking for.

Funny enough, it was in the form of a simple response from a bodybuilding forum member who said: “Bowed legs might be related to muscular imbalances.”

After all, muscular imbalances are not really that uncommon inside the bodybuilding industry – especially among beginners.

So with this little golden nugget of information, I decided to dig further into the world of muscular imbalances, posture, and how body mechanics could be playing a part in the shape of my legs.

Uncovering the root cause of knee misalignments

After months of research, things finally started making sense to me. It was like all the pieces of a very complex puzzle fell into place perfectly.

I now understood the real reason why my legs starting bowing as a young adult...

It wasn’t because of a lack of vitamins, or genetics in my family (they all have normal legs after all). It was my daily lifestyle habits that were creating and making the problem worse each and every day.

It seemed that most knee problems really boiled down to 3 major problems:


KNOCK-KNEES (Genu Valgum)

Knock-knees is a problem where the knees touch each other when standing up straight. It is mainly caused by an imbalance of the pelvis called Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT). Key muscles in the posterior chain (such as the glutes) get weakened from sedentary behavior. At the same time, your hip flexors (front muscles at the hip) get overly tight and start exerting a pulling force that fails to be balanced by strong glutes.

The result? Your femurs start rotating inwards and your knees collapse to the inside – creating your knock-knees appearance.

Knock-knees are commonly tied to inactivity, sedentary behaviors, and obesity.


BOW LEGS (Genu Varum)

Contrary to knock-knees, a person who suffers from bow legs cannot get her knees to touch each other when she stands up straight. Her ankles are able to touch, but the knees arch to the outside – in the shape of a “bow” – hence the name bow legs.

People suffering from real bow legs have a similar muscular imbalance at the pelvis called Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT). In PPT, the posterior chain muscles are overly active and exert too strong of a pull compared to the hip flexors. The result in this case is that the femurs get rotated outwardly, pulling the knees away from each other and creating the “bow-legged” look from the hip.


FALSE CURVATURE (Genu Recurvatum)

Probably the most misunderstood problem of all 3 is what has become known as false curvature. This was my particular problem.

Compared to a real case of bow legs, people suffering from false curvature seem to suffer a “bowing” of their legs from the knee down only. In other words, if they stand up straight, their knees and ankles can touch without a problem – but there is a gap between their shins.

Correcting false curvature is a matter of addressing the root cause, which is hyperextended knees. Hyperextension of the knees occurs as a side effect of APT, as well as lack of strength in the calves.


Correcting any of these 3 is as simple as bringing our bodies back to their natural grid position. No matter if you are 18 or 58, just like you can get stronger by working out consistently, so can you start bringing back your load-bearing joints to their natural positions by strengthening weak muscles & stretching the ones that are too strong.

After that, I put together a rehabilitation plan that I’d try for the next 6 months... with amazing results.

And I want to share it with you now…


Your Definite Guide to Knee Deformity Causes, Prevention, and Surgery-Free Correction

The Straight Legs Blueprint eBook

“The Straight Legs Blueprint” is a systematic approach I created after years of studying & researching the human anatomy in order to restore my legs back to their original, balanced position. All without the need for invasive and extremely costly surgery ­– or spending months in pain and without the use of your legs.


Progressive Correction Is The Real Secret

The program that I created is based around a principle I like to call “Progressive Correction.”

Progressive Correction has its fundamentals in the strength-training world, a hobby that’s always been near and dear to my heart.

The full-program lasts 20 weeks and focuses on 3 different stages that fast-track your leg correction efforts and returns your knees to that balanced state in the most effective manner possible.

It works by following a 3-phase approach:

PHASE 1: Week 1 - Week 6

We work on beginner exercises that will start “ungluing” muscle tissues that have been frozen from years of being dormant due to certain positions we put our bodies in for long periods of time. We also start working on waking up those dormant muscle groups that are failing to fire up properly in normal movements, and have become lengthened and weak due to inactivity.

PHASE 2: Week 7 - Week 12

In our second phase, we’ll use an intermediate set of exercises to keep strengthening your weak muscle groups. This will prevent your muscles from getting familiar doing a certain movement and stalling your progress. We’ll also be switching your stretches to a medium level to really start opening up those tight muscle groups.

PHASE 3: Week 13 - Week 20

In our third and final phase, we’ll turn up the intensity to the advanced level. You’ll be performing some of the most effective set of exercises proven to recruit the desired muscle fibers like no other. By this phase, your previously dormant muscles should be fairly active and you should be feeling them at work with each and every set. On the stretches side, we’ll also perform some powerful yoga moves that will finish loosening up all those tight muscle groups and completely bring your knees back to perfect balance.


There are some other natural leg correction programs out there. I’ve read them myself and found them useful, but they lack the one key component that acts as the catalyst for your legs to change in the shortest amount possible: and that is constant new stimulus.

The truth is you body is an amazing machine. So amazing in fact, that after a couple of weeks, it can get used to any new stimulus fairly easy. It is at that point that you hit a wall. Whether you are just trying to lose weight, or restore balance to your lower limbs – you need to re-introduce new stimulus to keep your body moving in the right direction!

The Straight Legs Blueprint is the only program that follows a Progressive Correction strategy, which will guarantee you get the fastest and most effective results possible.

This could be you in as little as 20 weeks from today...

before after bow leg correction

Let me tell you that straightening the false curvature shape of my lower legs has been completely life changing.

I am more confident than ever in all aspects of life – whether that’s:

  • Playing soccer with the boys
  • Enjoying a hot summer day tanning at the pool
  • Or simply being completely comfortable in (and out) of any clothes that I feel like wearing.

I’m now 100% confident about my lower body. And that’s surprisingly turned into a huge confidence boosts into other aspects of my life such as: my health, my relationships, and even my career.

This exact program is the exact blueprint I've personally used. And if it worked for me, I know it can work for you. After all, every person's load-bearing joints fall on the same grid that is controlled by your different muscle groups. Straightening your legs is a simple matter of bringing your load-bearing joints back to this natural position.

Imagine feeling completely confident in your body, no matter where you are, or who you are with…

  • Imagine taking joy again in everyday pleasures such as summer vacations or a day at the beach. These experiences will no longer fill you with dread and anxiety, but be the wonderfully relaxing & joyful moments they were meant to be…
  • Imagine re-taking that sport or athletic activity that you loved when you were younger, before you started trying to hide your unshapely legs for fear of being “discovered” and the potential embarrassment that would come from it…
  • Imagine your love life skyrocketing with your new found confidence and sexy lower body. No longer will you hold back simply because you don’t consider yourself “worthy” of having someone love you while suffering from this condition…
  • Imagine loving your legs (yes, loving them!) and no longer feeling bitter or burdened by having this strange medical deformity you try and conceal from others everyday…

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