Your Knees Are Not Flawed, Your Posture Is

Postural Bow Legs or Knock Knees

Did you know that something as simple as having bad posture can create what is now known as “postural bowlegs”?

It’s true.

But first, let’s talk a bit about posture, shall we? Having good posture means for your body to be in perfect balance. A body in perfect balance is a strong, capable, and durable body that functions and moves the way it was designed to do.

Unfortunately, many of our modern lifestyle habits are throwing our bodies more and more out of balance with each passing day. This can lead to discomfort, aches, pain, and in severe cases, knee problems such as bow legs or knock knees.

Let’s take a look at this illustration of what a balanced body is supposed to look like. As you can tell, your body’s load-bearing joints are ideally supposed to be fall in a perfectly balanced grid.

load-bering joints body grid

These key load bearing joints consist of the following:

  1. The shoulders
  2. The hips
  3. The knees
  4. The ankles

The head sits on the very top, right in the middle of these load bearing joints. For good posture and balance, your head must sit right on top of your shoulder joints.

body grid bow legs knock knees

So what happens when your body is out of balance due to poor posture?

Your body will try to compensate for this weight distribution imbalance by altering another load-bearing joint and shifting it from its natural grid position.

In the case of postural bowlegs or knock-knees, your knee joints have been shifted out of their grid position. This can happen to a variety of different reasons, but the most common problems are usually located in the pelvis.

Having good posture and bringing back your body to balance is key to correcting bowlegs or knock-knees without surgery.

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